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At First Sight is an intensive four-day chamber music program designed for advanced and intermediate young string players, typically ages 13-18, (although ability, rather than age, is the primary deciding factor in placement).  Pianists wishing to attend AFS must contact the director about conditions for entrance.

AFS devotes a significant amount of time to sight-reading, in addition to technique training and performance skills. During the workshop each student participates in several different chamber groups and the AFS Chamber Orchestra. Evenings include "HausMusik" sessions--a delightful mix of students and staff playing chamber music together informally. 

At First Sight focuses on the Giver of the gift of music. Morning Descant, which includes worship and hymn singing, sets the tone for each day. In order for students to share their gifts with others, community service concerts are part of the AFS schedule.  AFS is non-denominational, and  students of all faiths and all ethnic backgrounds are welcome. At First Sight believes strongly that music at its heart should be non-competitive, and  the atmosphere is intentionally cooperative.

New for 2015: At First Sight will offer both advanced and intermediate levels in two simultaneous tracks. Each track will have its own string orchestra, and unique chamber ensembles. The two tracks will combine for sight-reading and for evening activities.

Students will be placed in the appropriate track based on playing experience, reading level, and teacher/staff descretion. Both levels should use the same application form, although request for a specific level can be notated at the top.


At First Sight includes:

  • Opportunities to learn and play great music
  • New musical friends
  • Excellent coaches and teachers
  • Superb musical development and growth
  • Coached chamber groups
  • Sight-reading chamber groups
  • AFS Chamber Orchestra
  • Master classes and seminars
  • "HausMusik" (staff/student reading sessions)
  • "Descant" (morning worship and singing)
  • Ice-Breaker Picnic
  • Staff and student performances










Monday, June 19
1:00 p.m. Check-in
Orchestra Rehearsal
Two Chamber Group sessions and one Sight-Reading session
Ice Breaker Picnic, Orientation, HausMusik
Tuesday and Wednesday, June 20 and 21
8:00 a.m. Descant
Seminar and Orchestra
Four Chamber Group sessions and two Sight-Reading sessions
Evening – Master Class or Coach/Staff Concert
Thursday, June 22
8:00 a.m. Descant
Two Chamber Group sessions and one Sight-Reading session
Orchestra Community Service Concert
Evening-- AFS Participant Final Concert

At First Sight Chamber Orchestra
CONTACT USAT FIRST SIGHT, P. O. Box 498, Collegedale, TN 37315 • Phone: 970-324-0837